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Payment Methods

By bank deposit. Our company has accounts with ALPHA Bank (GR20 0140 5400 5400 0200 2007 801).
Through credit, debit and prepaid Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners cards Using the MasterPass electronic wallet * By visiting our offices and paying by cash or card.

Refund Policy & Cancellation Policy

In case of reservation’s cancellation a week before the defined date: you can change the date with another of our scheduled one-day cruises to the same or other destination.
In case of reservation’s cancellation one day before the defined date: you can change the date with another of our scheduled one-day cruises, if there is availability, to the same destination. In case of a “No Show” at the departure date and time of the cruise booked, there can be no change or refund. Reservations are non-refundable.

Product Delivery Policy

Upon your arrival at the port you will be welcomed by our company’s staff. Please hand over your reservation’s receipt and you will be given your tickets for the cruise.

Terms & Conditions

Pegasus Cruises (hereafter: company) is a friendly, family run business whose head office is in Tolo, Argolida (Greece). It began its activity by offering one-day cruises to the islands of the Saronic Gulf. The company created the website to offer information and services to its users.
The company informs that the hours that the ship remains on each of our destinations are approximate. All sailing times from the islands will be confirmed on the day, on the boat. Itinerary can be changed or cancelled without prior notice.

The use of this website is subject to the present terms and conditions, which users are requested to read carefully and to conform to. The use of this website implies the unconditional acceptance of the present term and conditions.

The company may, for any reason and without prior notice, change these terms and conditions. The continuing use of this website by users after the effective date of any changes in the terms and conditions will be conceived as acceptance of such changes by the users.


In any case the company has no responsibility in any case towards anyone or for any direct, or indirect subsequent, direct or consequential damages of any kind, including personality impairment, deriving from or as a result of this website or from any use of it or from any other website or any source linked to this website, reference or possibility of access through the current website, or for the use, download or possibility of access to any data, information, products or services, including as an example and not exhaustively, any loss of income, loss of software programs or data, even in the case where the company has been explicitly warned for the possibility of such damage.

The company does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, that the website’s context will be at all times up to date, secure, with no errors, will meet the users demands and that the results which will emerge from its use will be reliable, accurate and with no errors.

As a result of ongoing developments, the information contained in this website may not always be up to date and for this reason, information is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS LELEASED” basis. The use of information received or saved by or through this website relies exclusively on the judgment of the user and is his/her responsibility. The user accepts that he/she must evaluate the contents and that he/she is responsible for any risk that may be induced by the use of any contents.


All logos and trademarks of the company may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of the company.


All information provided to the company by the users of this website is not considered confidential. The company may disclose, copy and use all or part of such information for any purpose without limitation.


Some of the contents of this website may be owned by third parties (i.e. articles, data or abstracts) or these may be hyperlinks that lead to websites owned by third parties, which have full responsibility (civil or penal) for the security, legality or reliability of their website contents and services, exclusive of any liability from the company.


The use of software downloaded by this website is subject to the judgment and evaluation of possible risks by the user, who must reassure that the software he/she downloads from this website to his/her personal computer is compatible with the computer and does not contain viruses.


The company reserves the right to change or withdraw any part of the whole website at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective from the following time the user visits the website. Users of this website are not entitled to any indemnification due to the inability to use services offered by the website.


The company considers the safety of its website user’s personal data very important and is responsible for the safeguarding of the confidentiality of all personal information provided to it.

The confidentiality policy defines the principles that regulate the se of personal data received. Whoever uses this website or is registered as a user of the services provided by the company agrees with this use. Users are requested to carefully read the confidentiality policy. The confidentiality policy may change from time to time. Therefore, we ask that it is regularly reviewed in order to reassure that users are aware of the most recent edition applied each time they visit the website.
The management and protection of personal data of the user of this website are governed by these terms and conditions and the laws in Greece (L. 2472/1997 as currently in force, L. 3471/2006, Decisions and Directives of the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority). Such personal data are not to be disclosed to third parties (save as required by the law and the authorities), but their personal nature is safeguarded. This website maintains a Database with such data for communication and statistical purposes as well as purposes of improving its services provided. Moreover, in case of “links” to other websites, this website shall not be liable for the terms of use and protection of personal data implemented by third parties. In order to log-in in certain services of the website, the e-mail address or other data may be required. The company may use this data for the sole purpose of the specific service only. Such data shall not be disclosed, by any means, to any third party, or shall not be published or be subject to any kind of exploitation. Such data shall be used only to the extent necessarily required for serving the needs of the specific service rendered by the company.


You can complete a reservation for our cruises in one of the following ways:

  • Electronically, with direct entry in the system. After your entry you will receive a voucher. The actual tickets will be given to you at the port, prior to boarding the ship.
  • Payment and collection of tickets from our main office or one of our collaborating offices


You can complete your payment electronically with the following ways:

  • Charge of credit/debit card
  • Deposit in our bank account. After the deposit please contact us at 2752059430 or send us by e-mail the receipt of the deposit.

In case of changes or cancellation of the cruise you will be informed in time to the e-mail you have registered with us.


All prices quoted in our website don’t include shipping charges. The prices are given in EUROS and include VAT. Prices might change without prior notice at any time before the acceptance of your order.


At times, information may be distributed through e-mail or post as regards to products and services of the company and its business partners. If the user doesn’t wish to receive such information, he/she can select not to by informing at any time via e-mail at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

As a user of this website you undertake

  • To not act, during the use of this website, in your knowledge or involuntarily, contrary to any legal or regulative demands of any regulative authority that has jurisdiction on you or on any activity you undertake.
  • To not use this website to make non-authorized efforts to access the company systems or networks of third parties.
  • To not use this website to conduct business activity or other activities that are prohibited by the law.
  • To not use this website to transfer any material that is compromising, offensive or threatening or which violates third parties’ rights, or that intends to provoke disruption, harassment or unnecessary concern to any third party, or to send messages that you know are false or to the use this website for such purposes.
  • To directly inform the company regarding any claim or action of any kind against you for any use of this website and, following a request by the company, to immediately cease the action for which the charge was made


If any article of the above terms is considered as non-applicable, it will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining terms. These terms represent the overall agreement between every user and the company and governs the access and use of the website by users. These terms prevail against any other written agreement between every user and the company in relation to the use of this website.

These terms are regulated and interpreted according to greek law and any dispute arising hereunder shall in the first instance be decided by the greek court.

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